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If you live in the United States, you’re probably spending at least a portion of the day attending a bar-be-que or watching fireworks, ostensibly to honor the ratification of the nation’s Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. 

At Indiewalls, we have a slightly different idea of what it means to celebrate independence: taking time to recognize the work of our artist community. As independent art gains in popularity, opportunity expands for art to create authentic connections between living artists and eager viewers. And independent art that inspires curiosity, elevates design, and prompts novel experiences in everyday spaces should always be celebrated!

Join us in connecting with the power of independent art as we revisit a few favorite posts from the archive in our Studio Series. Here’s a roundup:

Nate Nettleton

Sculptor and mixed media artist, Nate Nettleton, wants his abstract scribble installations to remind people to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. Read On>>


A long-exposure action shot of Nate charring the surface of one scribble sculpture with a torch.

Sondra Howell

New York based artist and interior designer, Sondra Howell, draws inspiration from the natural wonders that surrounded her childhood growing up in a seaside town, emphasizing the exquisite beauty of our environments. Read On>>

sondrahowellSondra Howell's “Double Arch”

Michael Banks

Michael Banks’ photographs capture suspended moments of architecture from the Italian cities from which he hails, making hidden beauty visible. Read On>>


Michael Banks' photograph titled “Bling 13”

Elisabeth Fredriksson

Elisabeth Fredriksson is a graphic designer and painter whose digital geometrics and intuitive understanding of color and form results in mesmerizing, playful structures. Read On>>


Elisabeth Fredriksson's "Blue Skies"


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