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This July, we’re taking an insider’s look at the studios of a few members from our local artist community in New York.

Indiewalls Studio Sessions will take place over three consecutive Fridays in July, just in time for the season of Summer Friday flex time (official or not). 

Bringing designers together with artists and other members of our team, Indiewalls Studio Studios  will invite participants to  engage with our artists, preview their work, and learn more about their creative process. 


Featured Artists

Michael Dickey Brooklyn, New York

Michael Dickey’s abstract paintings and ceramic sculptures feature textured layers that evoke depth and subtle shifts in setting the mood.




Richard Clarkson Brooklyn, NY

Installation sculptures created by Richard Clarkson blur the lines between art and design, focusing on geometric shapes and simple elegance.

Richard Clarkson


Christina Massey Brooklyn, NY

Massey’s vivid mixed media artwork includes an amalgamation of painting and sculptural works for a variety of surfaces. 

Christina Massey


Fred Bendheim Brooklyn, NY 

Fred Bendheim’s bold installations, sculptures, and mural-sized drawings are crafted to inspire whimsy and wonder.



Steve Zolin Manhattan, NY

Steve Zolin’s eccentric paintings and illustrations invite onlookers to reflect on and navigate through the beautiful chaos of community and structure.

Steve Zolin's chimera-from-nexxt


Michael Curry Manhattan, NY

The hypnotic color blocks and dynamic shapes of Michael Curry’s unique mosaics accentuate the dramatic interaction between glass and light to emit a sense of movement and freedom. 

Michael Curry


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