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The rise in online art commerce has led to a burgeoning middle market in the art world. Independent artists can now build their careers outside the traditional gallery model. They might be acquiring passive income through relationships with Tattly or Society6 while also seeking one-off commercial or branded opportunities on sites like Indiewalls, ImageBrief, and Talent House.

This boom in resources created to view, sell, and purchase art online has cracked open the middle market and broadened the accessibility of art. The days when art was blue chip or bust are long gone, and both businesses and individuals are keen on incorporating art throughout their lives.

Art is not a marketing ploy or shortcut.
At the end of the day, art forges intimate connections in both IRL and URL spaces. So it’s not a coincidence that this middle market is rapidly growing.

The power of independent art lies in its ability to orchestrate authentic ties between people, places, and things. Authentic ties are moments of honest connectivity that originate from approachable affinity, natural curiosity, and digital connection.

Outside traditional museums and galleries, art becomes more approachable. There is a smaller barrier to entry when a person unexpectedly encounters a piece of art through casual daily activities. Whether at a restaurant, hotel, or workplace, the moment when an individual truly connects to a piece of art on his or her own is seen as approachable affinity.

With this type of organic discovery there exists no pretenses around their interest and a form of natural curiosity develops. In an effort to explore their interest, today’s digital savvy perform a few searches and quickly become familiar with the person behind the creation. And as they dive deeper into understanding both the artwork and the artist, a degree of digital connection forms.

Technology allows non-personal relationships to flourish. To the point that a single moment can quickly become a layered experience of connection and understanding. From artwork encounter to digital follower, independent art creates connections across time and space both physical and digital.

Interior designers, developers, and brands have become acutely aware of art’s effect. They now turn towards local, custom, and independent artwork to elevate design, enhance narrative, and spark that natural curiosity.

Over the next decade, art will increasingly become a part of our everyday lives. Time to say hello to new discoveries and burgeoning creativity. Let us know what you think the power of independent art is in the comments section.


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