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With an independent artist community of over 2000 amazing creatives, it can be hard to sift through all of them. We'll be highlighting local artists from major (and minor) cities around the globe to help introduce interior designers, artists, and other creatives to our amazing community.


First up on the list is San Francisco! The below artists live near San Francisco or in the surrounding areas of Oakland, San Mateo, San Jose, etc.  As Silicon Valley has grown, local artists have had to adapt to both new demands and shifting landscapes, which can mean moving outside the central city. 


Lorna & Jill Watt, Knits for Life

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.15.24 PM.png

Custom installation artists and yarn bombers, Lorna & Jill Watt, have been creating yarn art since 2010. From custom car wraps to surprise tree take-overs, Knits for Life is creative, quirky, and beautiful. Their work engages the public and always leads to conversation and smiles.  


Tobias Tovera


Oakland based Tobias Tovera is a painter, installation, and multi-media artist. While he may create two-dimensional works, he always thinks in three-dimension. From sculptures to full gallery environments, Tovera thinks through every detail. 


Jen Garrido


The contemplative practice of Jen Garrido focuses on balancing choice with process. Her layered works consist of organic compositions inspired by nature. Each piece takes time and consists of a complex process of addition and subtraction. Also, her Instagram is a perfect mix of babies, art, and zen.


Bill Ulrich


Photographer Bill Ulrich has an eye for whimsical reality. He's able to pull out striking photos from common, sometimes overlooked places. It's not about what you see, but how you see. 


Rachel Leibman


The collages of Rachel Leibman are made from small pieces of paper. She considers the tears of paper her palette from which grow detailed and elaborate pictures. Her scraps come from illuminated manuscripts, totems, murals, and discarded paper. Each work has layers of meaning both personal and universal. 


Lollie Ortiz

Pop Plugs.jpg

Photographer and designer Lollie Ortiz creates work that is imaginative, fun, and engaging. Her background in film design informs her bold aesthetic that wavers between expressionistic pop and neo-abstract expressionism. 


Carl Yoshihara


Like achameleon between mediums Carl Yoshihara explores photography, illustration, and digital practices with ease. His inspiration comes from his surrounding world and ample travels.  


Michael Kruzich


While many may think that mosaics disappeared along with ancient cultures, they are very wrong. Mosaicist Michael Kruzich was trained at the prestigious Mosaic Art School in Ravenna. His work has been exhibited worldwide and while mosaics may not be an interior designers first thought when it comes to art, there are a lot of widespread applications of his technique. 

If we missed anyone or you know other great artists in San Francisco, don't hesitate to let us know.  



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