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Arcsine’s Director of Interiors, Brooke Taylor has her hands in projects that are set to transform Oakland and the Bay Area. As a recent recipient of a Boutique 18 award for up-and-coming designers, we’re looking forward to watching her new creations roll out. In the meantime, we asked her a little bit about her design and personal life.


This or That

  1. Tea or Coffee? Coffee
  2. Beer, wine, or margarita? Wine
  3. Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram
  4. Podcast or music? Music
  5. Beach or mountains? Beach
  6. For or against push notifications? Against


Calavera in Oakland

All Things Design

Tell us a little bit about what inspires you?

My clients’ vision is my biggest inspiration. Taking the concept they have borne and nurturing and guiding it as my own is a responsibility and an honor.


Do you have a dream project or dream client?

Creating a concept from scratch and really designing the entire guest experience from brand personality to graphics to environment. Including developing the service style and operational strategy.


What do you pinpoint as the single biggest challenge facing interior designers in 2016?

Client expectations are not normalizing. The good-fast-cheap triangle (in which you can only have two of the three) is losing meaning, and designers are left trying to make it all happen.


What design trends do you see making a comeback?

I’ve been seeing lots of Memphis references/influence lately.


Do you have any upcoming or recently completed projects you’re excited about?

Recent: Alba Ray’s, a cajun restaurant in San Francisco.

Upcoming: A yet-to-be-named boutique hotel in Mountain View


The interior of Popsons Burgers


AFK (away from keyboard)

What are some of your daily ‘rituals’?

Wine + couch time after putting the toddler to bed.


What’s your personal design style?

Eclectic, colorful, textural.

And fashion Style?  

Relaxed yet tailored, always with color or pattern or both.


What’s something that everyone loves/talks about but makes no sense to you?



What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Go pee - haha. Everyone does right?


Outside of your work, are there any other creative pursuits that interest you?

Cooking is my creative outlet at home. I love nerding out in the kitchen and playing with flavor combinations.


Do you have a favorite museum, gallery, or design store?

The Rodin Museum in Paris - expressive sculpture in an intimate environment.


Who is your favorite fine artist?

Matisse - I am continually amazed by what he could express with a single line.


A few more stunning interiors coming from Brooke & Arcsine. 


The Dream Inn


Bernardus Suite Bath


Calavera in Oakland


Teleferic Restaurant


Teleferic Restaurant



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