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With over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s easy to forget how much incredible, quality content is available on the platform, especially for interior designers. Whether you want to learn about mosaics or virtually travel through that new Thailand hotel, there’s no limit to the inspiration available at your fingertips.  


And while you can watch as much HGTV as your heart desires, the best inspiration often exists outside your typical players.


So if you’re looking for new YouTube videos featuring advice and how to content specific for interior designers, we’ve rounded up our five favorite channels to help you stay up way past your bedtime..


1. Airbnb

You wouldn’t think the YouTube channel for the sharing economy tech company would be the ideal place for interior design inspiration, but bear with us.


If you hunt through Airbnb’s collection over 650 videos you’ll find everything from home tours to host stories. The company has seamlessly combined home with hospitality, opening our minds to what else might still be possible. And what better way to feed your muse than from one of the most innovative companies of our time? One that continuously pushes the limits of what constitutes a residence. We love their host stories in particular, which take a very real look into how we live.

Watch this: A short video featuring Kepa, a San Francisco-based Airbnb host. In her small but powerful story, Kepa talks about the importance of surprise in design. Learn how a guest’s accidental use of the word “bungalow” transformed the way Kepa views her space. 


2. Design Hotels

This channel represents a collection of over 280 hotels across the globe. Their YouTube channel, while small, features a curated collection of videos about their luxury hotels. While the two-minute videos are essentially well-produced slideshows, they showcase an incredible breadth of accommodation from Stockholm to Singapore.


Watch this: A tour of Hotel Lone in Rovinj, Croatia. Watch how they married the incredible landscape with a minimalist interior. You’ll also get an interesting overview of the hotel’s specs— number of rooms, suites, meeting areas and restaurant information.


While their videos are primarily targeted towards potential guests, watching them is actually an amazing way for hotel designers to supercharge their inspiration—a must for anyone in the field.



3. House & Home

With over 100,000 subscribers House & Home is not messing around. If you’re hunting for anything related to residential interior design, including trend reports and your typical home makeovers, subscriber to this channel. Much of their content targets the DIY-set, but their videos strike the perfect balance of education and inspiration. Add on a series of well-curated playlists and it’s easy to fall into hours of binge-watching.


Watch this: An interview between an artist and designer who not only collaborate on client projects, but share a gorgeous studio space.




SPACES is a YouTube show and design channel, one of the first to offer up original content on the platform. They offer room ideas, home decor and quirky shows like Small Spaces. Big Design and I Live With My Mom.  


”We wanted to be urban and cosmopolitan,” SPACES co-founder, Joseph Gomes, said in an interview with The New York Times. “I don’t think that’s necessarily a target for HGTV. They’re more focused on suburban moms.”


Watch this: A 4-minute video featuring Jen Chu, a woman who turned her half bedroom into an innovative space that rethinks how we experience the bedroom. For Chu, it’s all about the bed.  She imagined and create a cozy space, one that’s actually cozy (and not just Real Estate Speak).



5. TED

Millions upon millions of viewers across the world turn to TED for inspiration. And interior designers aren’t any different. The TED channels offers a handful of incredible videos about design, like Tony Fadell’s The First Secret of Great Design. But you don’t just have to watch design content to be inspired. Learn about power posing. Vulnerability. Our five senses.

Watch this: Philippe Starck on design and destiny. This 18-minute talk features no slide shows. In fact, no design of any kind. In it, the French designer gets to the root of our biggest question, “Why design?” For the answer, you’ll need to click play.



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