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The future of public space promises to be bold and distinctive as designers and developers continue to elevate their interiors with innovative concepts. By expanding upon unique ideas, such as natural flora and rustic materials, commercial and hospitality properties ignite inspiration in both the general public and design community. Below find five of our favorite design trends currently appearing on inspiration boards and in proposals.

The AQKA office interior of Tokyo. Photography by Daici Ano.

The AQKA office interior of Tokyo. Photography by Daici Ano. Image Courtesy of Designboom.

Natural vs. Industrial

While wood and concrete initially seem at odds with one another, these contradictory elements work together to create spaces that are both comfortable and professional. Even though some believe these two elements to be in contradiction, they are actually an ideal representation of the contemporary interest in development and sustainability.

pershing-hall-hotelPershing Hall in Paris. Image Courtesy of Paris 75007.

Living Walls

Discovering an indoor garden feels a little like finding an enchanted forest.  Alive and perpetually blooming, green walls are a breath of fresh air in small and large cities alike. These environments encourage relaxation and illustrate society’s commitment to the natural world.

IMG_5677A pencil mural at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown. Image Copyright Mike Killion Photo.

Art is Everywhere

Incorporating artistic elements into a public space has gone far beyond hanging a painting on the wall. Installations invade small rooms and sculptures blend into furniture as designers think beyond traditional art norms. Imagination is personified when art comes into play.

main.original.585x01.jpg main.original.585x0-11.jpg

Culver Studio Offices designed by LIFE.STYLE. Photos by Diana Relth, courtesy of My Domaine.

Geometric Minimalism

Capitalizing on simplicity, ordered geometry is both modern and timeless. Pared down designs allow for unique, repetitive patterns to converge into environments that promote creativity and productivity in spaces that exist somewhere between a lounge and work space.

AMMO Restaurant. Images Courtesy of Joyce Wang.AMMO Restaurant. Images Courtesy of Joyce Wang.

Copper Crazy

Find this industrial pop of color in restaurants, lounges, and bars. The sleek, polished look of copper not only blends well with other tones but also projects an inviting, amber glow. Edgy, yet delicate, copper has found a place within interiors as anything from small fixtures to proper desks t0 artistic material.

These are only a few of the many engaging art and design trends prevalent today. Tell us about your favorite places that incorporate these elements or let us know what design craze you prefer to see in public spaces around the world.

(Cover photo Copyright of Joyce Wang Inc.)


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