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Most people know Indiewalls as a hotel-oriented art consultancy and while that is true, it doesn’t paint the full picture. Indiewalls also works regularly with office projects (including clients like Google and LinkedIn), healthcare, sports arenas, and residential projects.

The type of residential projects we work on can range from large scale multi-family developments with multi-floor amenity spaces (did someone say dog salon?) to diverse artworks for private residences.

Here’s a selection from our favorite residential projects:


Qingdao Residences

Ironically, our first ever multi-family project was all the way in China, for a luxury development designed by Incorporated. For the project, large scale abstract works were commissioned by artists in a variety of styles - some muted and grayscale, others vibrant and colorful. Artwork was selected from 10 different artists, but we particularly love these XL selections from Kelley Brannon’s series Smoke Drawings, which hang throughout the multi-floor residence.

Qingdao Residences
Qingdao Residence

Kelley Brannon's Smoke Drawings are ephemeral by nature, capturing unique emotions, moments, and material interactions that can never be repeated.


77 Greenwich 

77 Greenwich is one of the most highly-anticipated luxury residential developments in Manhattan. Indiewalls has been working in collaboration with the developer, Trinity Partners, and the award winning design firm Deborah Berke Partners, to curate a sophisticated art collection that speaks to the properties location (bordering the Financial District and TriBeCa) and tasteful modern design. While the location isn’t officially open yet, here is a sneak peak at the property’s art collection.

77 Greenwich77 Greenwich

Top: Custom commissioned Indiewalls artwork by Havoc Hendrick and Laura Sallade
Right: Blue Sojourn Ten by Kal Mansur
Left: Custom artworks by Michael DeSutter


215 Sullivan Street 

215 Sullivan Street let us have a bit of fun. We worked closely with the developer to curate a collection worthy of the property’s location smack in the heart of historic Greenwich Village, NYC. The  result is an eccentric collection of sculpture, photography, and mixed media originals at once contemporary and irreverent. And we got to party with Fredrik Eklund - who brokered the space - at the grand opening event!

215 Sullivan215 Sullivan

Top: Artwork by Ritchard Rodriguez and McCain McMurray

Bottom: Whap!! by Lee Everett


424 Bedford

The owners of 424 Bedford approached us to infuse their courtyard with a quintessential Williamsburg vibe, which we accomplished through the commission of several large scale illustrations and graphics that were printed to a 3M vinyl, able to withstand years of New York City weather. The courtyard graphics add a colorful and welcoming charm to residents and visitors alike.

424 Bedford424 Bedford

All artworks in the courtyard were created by Indiewalls artists Annie Terrazzo and Ariana N. Ross


EAST, Miami

This multi-billion dollar mixed use project anchors Miami’s buzz Brickell neighborhood.  For the residences at East, Indiewalls worked closely with Swire Properties and their acclaimed designer, Clodagh, to source several hundred artworks throughout the various 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom residences. The art package brought to life the wabi-sabi aesthetic of the property in quiet contrast to Miami’s energetic nightlife.

EAST, MiamiEAST, Miami

Top: Artworks by Vesna Milinkovic hangs above the couch

Bottom: An XL print by Michelle Oppenheimer flanks the hallways, leading into a mirrored work by Malcolm Brown


Header image credit: Indiewalls worked with artist Justin Terry to create this nonrepresentational abstract painting for Qingdao Residences.


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