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At Indiewalls - we ❤️  art. For Valentine’s day, our staff shared their favorite works by Indiewalls artists. Now grab some chocolate and try not to fall in love with this selection of talented creators.

Cover photo by the great Mary Jo McGonagle entitled "Just Love Me."


Karen Lue - Curatorial Project Manager ❤️
Sasha Andruzheychik, Fetish Object

“I like the surrealist and vintage feel of the work - it kind of brings to mind the world of old expressionist films. It’s whimsical but also bizarre and reminds me of a strange optical illusion that is feminine on the one hand and sexual and aggressive on the other.”


Kate Hardin - BizDev ❤️
Craig Tinsky, Marilyn Marakesch

“I love his work! This one in particular feels very Valentine's festive.”



Regina Parkinson - Curatorial Project Manager ❤️ Margaret Rose Vendryes,
Igbo Grace-African Diva

"This work is just absolutely stunning."


Kirsten Nicholas - Marketing Manager -  ❤️ 
Margaret Inga Urías,
Aberrations No. 16

“I immediately gravitated to Urias’ intricate line work and monochromatic color palette. Her ability to make complex works with minimal materials never ceases to blow my mind. Her compositions also remind me of the inner workings of my brain … fractured but functioning.”


Zoe Messinger - Curatorial Project Manager ❤️  Monika Strigel, Que Pasa

"Sending you all A LLAMA love this valentine’s day."


 Emma Wingfield - Digital Marketing Associate ❤️ Cheryl Sorg, Portals of Hope 
(street art project)

"I love Sorg’s work and in particular her Portals of Hope project. The transient nature of these meticulously cut strips of tape is striking and haunting all at the same time."


Lauren Schleider - Senior Curator ❤️ 
Stacie Rose, Expansion Diffusion II 



Jay Kiecolt-Wahl - Senior Product Manager - ❤️
Lenore Cohen, Rive Gauche



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