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Dubai-based painter and Indiewalls artist Sana Jamlaney doesn’t keep many things secret — at least, not when it comes to her process.

On her website, she keeps a journal where she records her thoughts as she works through her various projects, opening a vein as she struggles, and succeeds, in completing a work. Many of her posts focus on pieces she pitches to designers through Indiewalls, and we were struck by her eloquent, honest musings on what it’s like to tailor a piece to a client’s needs.

Here, we’ve compiled just a few of the many posts in which Sana discusses what she’s working on through Indiewalls — posts that particularly spotlight her evolution as she grows accustomed to the Indiewalls process, what it means to be commissioned for a piece, and of course, the art of the pitch.  


From Post: Same Piece Different Environment, June 20 2016

I finally pitched my artwork to the client yesterday and am waiting for a response (fingers crossed)! It was quite a journey and it left me wondering if this really is my thing: the concept of tailoring a piece to the needs of a client. I realized that just the thought of not having as much creative freedom as I usually do curtailed my abilities. I developed a tremendous amount of respect for creative individuals who are able to respond to a brief. It isn't easy.

The end piece is beautiful in person and the images I'm about to post don't do the depth and movement justice at all. Something about that Prussian! I think there will be quite a few blue pieces coming up.

While creating the piece in line with client requests, I began to wonder how the painting would sit with different palettes and interior styles. It was very pleasing to see the end result.




From Post: Breakthrough, July 14, 2016

As an artist, one of the most wonderful feelings is to feel the growth in your work. Every now and then, there is a painting I make where I feel like I break a certain wall and move to the next level. People often ask me about my favorite pieces or paintings that I'm particularly attached to. And those pieces which allow me to feel the growth are usually the closest to my heart. Whether its technique, composition, color placement, new palettes, or just complete comprehensiveness of the piece, there is something about it that that allows me to feel like I have a little more to offer now. That feeling is indescribable, and is one of the few times where I don't allow the outside world to effect me. Its a time when I decide that I have grown and it has nothing to do with how other people feel about the piece. Its pretty awesome.

Yesterday, was an amazing day like that. I finished the piece and I don't think I've loved another painting more. The reason was that I feel like its a milestone in my life where I could measure the growth from the beginning until this piece. It kind of marked the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. The way I treat my canvas, the way I select my colors, and the way I draw out my composition will be different from now on. Its such an amazing feeling and I'm very grateful to feel this way.

Here is the piece. I've named her 'Measuring Milestones' She is 24x48 in, and was done with acrylic and spray paint on canvas.





From Post: Brand New Art Pitch July 21, 2016

There are a whole new bunch of projects posted on Indiewalls and just browsing through them makes me drool. I was thinking how at the beginning, working to a brief offered less flexibility and how it was difficult for me to limit myself to a concept. Today, that has changed drastically. Its exciting to work towards a concept and it allows me to challenge myself each time.




Sana Jamlaney is a Dubai-based painter. She graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Wollongong in Dubai and then went on to Florence, Italy where she completed her Post Baccalaureate Certificate from Studio Art Centers International. Her fascination with color can be viewed through her recent body of abstract paintings, which represent the notion of celebrating life. Jamlaney works primarily on canvas and paper and she is constantly exploring new ways of sharing her journey through through her art.


Check out her Indiewalls profile or read more on her blog.



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