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From NYC, to London, to Milan, to Paris, Fashion Week took the world by storm this past month. We're left inspired by sartorial street statements, the runway's avant-garde indulgence, and the ever-changing, bustling metropolis backdrop of Fashion Week as it struts across the globe. Of course, art and  fashion are no strange bedfellows, so we pulled together a Pinterest board in honor of a month's worth of Fashion Weeks, brought to you by the artists of Indiewalls. Here's some highlights: 

Gemma Gené


"Wrapped Purse"

Gemma Gene’s oil-on-wood “Unapologetic Paintings” series provokes the architectural in the everyday, and uses color and texture to communicate sensations. She relies on urban art as a way to make her work accessible. Her three-dimensional work shares her architectural language and is a study of volume and geometry using stone, concrete, and 3D print.


Natasha Kohli


"Hearts of Mine"

Natasha Kohli was born in Evanston and raised in the Chicago area. Her upbringing as an Indian-American exposed her to a variety of different spiritual and aesthetic influences. Her practice, which uses a wealth of mediums including painting, photography, installation, and digital media, allows her to explore the universal and pervasive theme of “beauty” within the human existence.


Allise Noble


"I’d Have Been Happier as a Bird"

Allise Noble uses watercolor, drawing, and mixed media to create whimsical and surreal works that allow viewers to see things they cannot in real life. She views things, plants, animals, and people as living sculptures, and is fascinated in their detailed physical structure. Much of her work involves making the internal external, as she enjoys visually exposing the unique mental environment of the subject in each work.


Lollie Ortiz


"Blue Jeans"

Lollie Ortiz, an imaginative and prolific designer, draws upon her multidisciplinary career experiences to create work that is personal to her life. Combining her background in advertising, film, and design with illustration, photography, and digital media, Ortiz creates dynamic pieces that recall the familiar and funky.




Carrie Shaltz



Photographer Carrie Shaltz hijacks consumer desire simply by pointing her camera. Whether she’s capturing vivid Technicolor or Film Noir atmospherics, her work is at once riveting and unsettling. Her eye for the unexpected, plus her knack for appropriating the stylish seduction of her subjects, actively blur the line between the commercial and creative realms.


Joseph Day


"Black Market"

Joseph Day’s work is a mix of collage and decollage. He uses high-end fashion paste ups from all over the city and superimposes them onto construction site wood or disassembled furniture. He is exhilarated by the juxtaposition of the glossy with the gritty, and he is directly inspired by the aesthetics of New York City.
Check out more fashion inspired work over on our Pinterest page.


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