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Thanks to all who joined us for our first WIP IT Event! Videology's quaint screening room created an environment of excitement and anticipation from both attendees and participating artists. Laughter and chatter quieted as artists began presenting their work to a packed house of eager art admirers who listened, analyzed, and communicated thoughts.

Stay tuned for following programs that will incorporate the feedback and guidance we received from both participants and attendees. Don't hesitate to leave us a note in the comments section if you have any thoughts on the event.

If you didn't have an opportunity to attend, or want to relive the magical evening, we've included a few photos and reviews from participating artists:

Peter Rawlings

"For me, personally, art making is kind of isolated a lot of the times so it was really nice to meet the other artists that were presenting as well. I also thought the idea to have the audience provide anonymous feedback was great--it took some of the pressure off of both them and us I thought"

Suyeon Na

"The feedback I received were very encouraging and inspiring. (Got some great suggestions for the next works, and some  of them looked like to come from mind readers!)"

Maggie Bard

"Overall it was a great experience, and I think this event is an excellent opportunity for artists."

Hon Eui Chen

"I felt that overall the event went well. The feedback was positive and encouraging."


Don't know about WIP IT? Scroll down for a synopsis on our new event series. 



Maggie Bard discusses how her practice has morphed over the years.


Suyeon Na walks the audience through her recent residency in Japan.

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An enchanted crowd gets lost in the collage works of Peter Rawlings.

WIP It_4.27.16_ARTIST PRESENTATION - Final Extract.001

Thanks to our noted reviewers Kara Brooks, Andrea Zlotowitz, and Vittorio Calabrese.


Not sure what WIP IT is? Read more about the impetus behind our interactive art critique event below the line...

We get a lot of questions from artists asking for the best resources for getting open feedback on their work. The reality is that coming across new constructive feedback is tough, especially outside of the academics. In an effort to help launch artists forward, we’re proud to present our newest event series, WIP It: An Interactive Art Critique.

On April 27th, we’ll be commandeering Videology (Brooklyn) and give four Indiewalls' artists the opportunity to present their Works In Progress and ask the audience for specific feedback. Audience members will sip cocktails, view new art, and write open, anonymous feedback. At the end of the night, we’ll collect this feedback, and give it out to the artists. Wham, bam, critique.

This new initiative aims to offer new eyes and fresh perspective on artists’ Works In Progress. We believe that knowledge, discussion, and community forum facilitate growth and insight for all participants. We hope that this event will encourage artists and art-lovers alike to challenge themselves through art, make new friends, and join our crusade to make creativity happen.

Join us on April 27th at Videology, 6:30pm-8:30pm!




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