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The world is their canvas. The streets their inspiration.


Graffiti (or “street artists,” pick your poison) are creating everything from commissioned office murals, community scenes and political statements. The 10 diverse artists below take us by slow storm, creating the thought-provoking beauty that seeps into our daily lives.


The best way to follow along? Instagram, of course.


Here are our favorite graffiti artists on Instagram.


Beau Stanton

This Brooklyn-based artist takes influence from “historic ornamentation.” Think classical paintings, religious motifs and ancient symbols. This Instagram account not only features his work and inspiration, but his work in progress, which we rarely get to experience anywhere else.



Happy birthday to my lover who guards my body @critterfleming I call your name when i am in pain #critter

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David Choe

This controversial Korean-American artist has been everything from a graphic novelist to a muralist. Choe is one of the few fine artists who’s been able to jump from museum to media and his Instagram combines a wide range of content, from his own work to his social life.


Francisco de Pájaro

“A globe-trotting street and urban contemporary artist from Barcelona, whose art reflects genuine devotion to mother nature.”



the king inbread. miss you joffrey. #gameofthrones

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NYC street artist and the man behind “Dump Across America.”



The studio of Brooklyn-based graphic artist, JCorp. “A painter and toy maker by day, She is also an undercover magic girl vandal by night (shhhh!).”



Almost that time.. (Mural with @anniepreece) #jennamorello #jmorello #anniepreece

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Jenna Morello

Another Brooklyn-based street artist. In an interview with Bombing Science, Morello said, “I'm hesitant to say I even have "risen" to the street art scene because I just consider myself an artist who sometimes paints outside.”



“Morley is a Los Angeles-based street artist and author that specializes in bold, typographic posters which he wheat pastes within the urban landscape.”



The street art duo, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, work together in Brazil. They pair up on painting, drawing and sculpture, and the streets are their “place of study.”


Taylor White

White’s work has been recognized everywhere from Norway to Australia, including Melbourne’s robust street art scene, where she “furnished the streets and galleries.” Today she’s known for her fluid style and holds studio space in both North Carolina and Georgia.


Tristan Eaton

Los Angeles-based Eaton works on his fine art and large scale mural works full-time. “In 2014 alone, Eaton painted murals in over 13 countries with his signature psychedelic color palette and graphic, collage aesthetic.”


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