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You thought Pinterest was the place for inspiration? Think again. Instagram is quickly becoming the platform for artists to share their work, process, studios and lifestyles. And it’s not just for photographers anymore either. We’ve collected 15 talented illustrators currently crushing it on Instagram.

Artists to Follow: Don’t Miss These 15 Talented Illustrators on Instagram


Abby Diamond


A photo posted by Abby Diamond (@finchfight) on

A Pittsburgh-based illustrator with a gorgeous Etsy store filled with prints, cards, original drawings, and small beasties.”


Ambivalently Yours

Feminist rants and pink drawings from the anonymous online persona behind Ambivalently Yours.


Darren Booth


A photo posted by Darren Booth (@darrenbooth) on

Illustrator and lettering artist who's collaborated with the likes of Google, Target, and Disney.

Eleni Kalorkoti


A photo posted by Eleni Kalorkoti (@elenikalorkoti) on

An illustrator from Edinburgh now based in London. Can be “found drawing pictures and making things.” Clicked include The New York Times, The V&A, Random House, Lucky Peach, and Buzzfeed.

Elsa Chang


A photo posted by Elsa Chang (@elsasketch) on

Character Designer at Dreamworks TV Animation.


Gretchen Röehrs


A photo posted by Gretchen Röehrs (@groehrs) on

Plays with food.

Justin Maller


A photo posted by Justin Maller (@justinmaller) on

Australian Digital Artist now based in Brooklyn.

Kelsey Beckett


A photo posted by Kelsey Beckett (@kelseyjbeckett) on

Michigan based artist creating acrylic on wood panel pieces via Giant Robot.


Mark Ryden


A photo posted by Mark Ryden (@markryden) on

Painter dubbed "the god-father of pop surrealism" by Interview Magazine. Posts pop-culture illustrations on Instagram.

meera lee


A photo posted by meera lee (@merelymeeralee) on

“Illustrator, author, and believer in magic.” Author of Start Where You Are.

Mike Mitchell


A photo posted by Mike Mitchell (@sirmitchell) on

American artist known for pop surrealism. Famous for his viral “I'm with Coco" poster.


Nan Lawson


A photo posted by Nan Lawson (@nanlawson) on

“Mostly art stuff. Sometimes cats and a bearded fellow.” Sells pop culture portraits.

Ping Zhu


A photo posted by Nan Lawson (@nanlawson) on

Illustrator working out of Brooklyn’s Pencil Factory. Her work has been recognized and exhibited by American Illustration, Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, and more.


Sam Spratt


A photo posted by Sam Spratt (@samspratt) on

“Ginger Illustrator. New York. Clients include: Janelle Monáe, Logic, Childish Gambino, Rolling Stone, Nat Geo, FX, Borderlands, Game Informer, etc.”


Seb Lester


A photo posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

One million followers and counting. Creator of VNA Magazine.


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