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Curator Victoria Nicodemus (1985-2015) brought light and elegance to every project she touched, carrying the belief that art holds the power to inspire change. She lived the mantra “art is for everyone” to its fullest, pioneering the merge of independent artists and commercial designers across the nation.


Safe City

A Public Art Installation

in Loving Memory of Curator Victoria Nicodemus


After dedicating a significant length of her career to transforming indoor spaces, Victoria recently broadened her focus to the outdoors. To honor Victoria Nicodemus, Indiewalls is collaborating with non-profit Transportation Alternatives on the public art installation Safe City, which commemorates Victoria and encourages safer commuting with an artistic double-faced barrier  


Facing the sidewalk is an illustration by artist Mark Samsonovich, who has worked closely with Nicodemus over the past three years, that depicts an owl carrying a resting female. This image was part of a public art project Nicodemus was leading as well as was one of the last pieces she expressed affection towards.


In a wider context, these symbols represent the breakdown from reality to abstraction that take place when grieving. Referencing imagery of Eastern folkloric tales of dreams and the afterlife, the soaring birds evokes feelings of protection and wisdom.


Passing drivers will be confronted with an illuminated, roped off area at the busy street intersection and the blazing words “SAFE CITY.” This message will gently remind drivers to travel carefully while requiring them to slow down when maneuvering near the installation.



By collaborating with Transportation Alternatives and Laurie Cumbo, Council Member for the 35th District, we aim to bring attention to the pedestrian dangers of this Ft. Greene intersection. Together we’re harnessing the power of art to rally for VisionZero, New York City’s policy goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2024 and promoting discussion around sidewalk safety.


Join us at Safe City on Tuesday, December 22nd at 6:30PM at Fulton Street and S. Portland Avenue. Experience the art she loved, discover the power of imagery, and learn how we can band together to make a safer city.


Local residents who want to work for safer streets are encouraged to attend a meeting of the Transportation Alternatives Brooklyn Activist Committee, which chooses local campaigns and fights for changes like improved spaces for pedestrians and protected bike lanes. The committee meets the last Thursday of every month at the Brooklyn YWCA at 30 Third Avenue, from 7 - 8:30 pm.



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