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With all the charm and intrigue of your most stylish friend’s urban home, Kimpton’s Mason & Rook Hotel is situated on a tree-lined street just steps from the bustling action of Washington DC’s 14th street. Chic, yet masculine, conservative, yet edgy, the venue revels in its contrasting elements. This is where efficiency and professionalism meet with a complementary dose of warmth.

Discover the artists who helped make this collection a reality.



Tanya Braganti, ‘The End’



Tanya Braganti is a photographer who lives and works in Boston and New York City. Her work strives to capture the poetry and reality of life in every frame.



Rajmohan Fotograf, ‘Ars Gratia Artis 148’



Rajmohan Fotograf seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary. His eclectic style takes the role of observer, while his photographs challenge the viewer to question how they see something rather that what they see.



Gregory Clewlow, ‘Ghosts of Geometry #1’



Gregory Clewlow’s photographs respond to the surrounding environment, utilizing everyday objects and experiences as a starting point. These moments are often framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. By questioning the concept of movement, he tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but rather based on subjective associations and formal parallels, which challenge the viewer to make new personal associations.



Dan Bina, ‘Corn Lobbyists’



Dan Bina’s addresses varied personal perspectives through images, texts, and sculpture. Utilizing a plethora of approaches and materials from different sources and time periods, Bina  brings distinct themes together through the filter of selfhood. His work underscores a metaphoric continuity underlining one’s individual experiences as a lived collage.



Geoff Kim, ‘Incredulous Me’



Artist, designer, and creator Geoff Kim is based in New York. His illustrations take on a collage appearance, seeking inspiration by combining different visual stimuli.



Jenya Vyguzov, ‘Flower Power’



Mix-media collage artist, Jenya Vyguzoc, combines photography, nature, and fashion into one compelling visual statement. Using contrasting images, Vyguzoc builds visual layers that work together as a cohesive whole.



Sasha Andruzheychik, 'Implications'



Fine art photographer Sasha Andruzheychik resides in Chicago. Combining digital manipulation, 19th century printing processes and other varieties of mixed media. Her work is primarily focused on surrealist and feminist theory.





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