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Nestled beside the Manhattan bridge along the East River, the 252 South Sales Center, a new high rise residential tower, embodies the industrial character of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Images that relish the urban landscape, that bask in the rich tapestry New York creates, and that capture the energetic personality of the city.

Cool, monochromatic tones and digital imagery of both a narrative and abstract nature evoke the diverse charisma of one of New York City’s oldest neighborhoods.

Discover the artists who helped make this collection a reality.


Elisabeth Fredrikson, Art Deco Midnight


Sweden based graphic artist Elisabeth Fredriksson created three works for 252 South. Self proclaimed color addict and nature lover, Fredriksson combines geometric shapes with bold lines and gilded colors, reminiscent of art deco traditions.


Abby Goodman, Copper Brooklyn Bridges


Brooklyn based artist Abby Goodman utilizes daily life experiences, dreams, and journeys to create an autobiographical pastiche. Using the illusive world as a platform to address the human condition, her imagery acts as a harbinger - yet functions as a symbol of hope. Her work, “Copper Brooklyn Bridges”, is an enigmatic combination of texture and opulence.


Katy Hirschfeld, Lady Liberty


Reveling in beautiful mistakes, Katy Hirschfeld applies a DIY approach to her collages. Influenced by her personal outlooks and true life experiences, she uses mixed media to create a playful yet culled visualization of social consciousness and the current events of today. The overlapping of many small pieces, arranged in just the right way speaks volumes. She tests the viewer, challenging what they see versus what they feel. Her collage “Lady Liberty” takes a family New York City icon built out of perceived notions about city life.


Elliott Kaufman, Fifth Avenue 01 (left), Vortographic Mirrors (right)


Elliott Kaufman’s photographs have always revolved around architectural motives, finding inspiration in site-specific photomurals and wall art. Kaufman’s six’s works for 252 South Street perfectly capture the hustle and bustle of New York City.


Eileen Lerner, River Moonlight


Photographer Eileen Lerner combines elements of beauty, nature, and architecture. Fascinated with textural composition, she uses the process of deconstruction to bring new meaning to her images. In “River Moonlight”, Lerner added a layer of hazy softness to the image of blurred smoke stacks across the east river.


Doug McIntosh, City - NY - 829


Interdisciplinary artist Doug McIntosh creates layered images he manipulates by combining natural materials such as wood with technology and digital imagery. He allows himself to go beyond previous limitations, opening up exciting new ways to bend and shape the boundaries of style and process while creating a new voice and visual experience.


Monica Perez, The Sun Will Shine 04


Monica Perez’s works are expressions of emotion through the medium of paint on canvas. Uniting paint and design, her aesthetic merges tactile and digital techniques.


Toni Silber - Delerive, NYC Water Tanks


Toni Silber-Delerive creates aerial-view paintings, representing diverse places and spaces of the contemporary landscape. By flattening the surface planes, she conveys the textures of abstract space - a new view of the world around us. “NYC Water Tanks” takes a familiar view from the New York skyline and re-creates it through her eyes. The charming colors and interplay of shape, this street scene is Silber-Delerive’s own interpretation.


Richard Silver, Manhattan Bridge Black and White


New York born and bred, photographer Richard Silver has traveled extensively, focuses on documenting beautiful structures and cultures, both ancient and modern, throughout our diverse world. For 252 South, Silver shot a monumental view from underneath the Manhattan Bridge.


Monika Striegel, Snowdreamer Rosegold Black (second from right)


Multi media artist Monika Striegel’s work embodies inspiration, happiness, love, and hard work. Her process isn’t planned, instead she just creates. Her work for 252 South is brings the perfect visual statement to the buildings industrial presence.


Roberto Vincentore, New York Ballads


Photographer Roberto Vincentore tells stories through his photographs. Analyzing subtle differences in faces, natural and urban landscapes he is fascinated with the differences between entity and identity. His photograph of the Manhattan Bridge with the Empire State Building in the background, called “New York Ballads” is a stunning letter to a city seen through the eyes of someone who calls the city his home.



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