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Light, water, sand, and sky form the foundation of one of America's fastest growing cities ... Miami. Using these qualities as inspiration for EAST, Miami's art collection, we worked closely with Clodagh Designs to curate work that pays homage to these key attributes while embodying the city's energetic personality.

Miami's characteristics as a beautiful port town are visible in a broad color palette of blues, yellows, whites, and ambers. These hues are intertwined into fluid abstract compositions that evoke the playful EAST, Miami personality of choice, freedom, and fun.

Custom commissions, unique sculptures, and expertly framed prints combine to create an individualized collection that further defines EAST as a relaxing outpost for both entertainment and culture.

There is only one EAST, Miami. Discover the artists who helped make this collection a reality.


Michael Curry


Michael Curry



Nicole Landau



Left to Right: Malcolm Brown, Michelle Oppenheimer, and Vesna Milinkovic




Left to right: Vesna Milinkovic and Ritchard Rodriquez




Left to right: Ritchard Rodriquez and Eunice Kindred




David Aronson




Andrianna Shamaris (wall sculpture) and Alexander Mijares (mural)



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