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We work on a lot of different types of projects. From one-room offices to ground-up hotels, each project has a unique set of requirements, and therefore, different timelines. This can get confusing so to clear things up, we put together a quick infographic that explains our average timeframes.

We hope that this information will allow everyone to spend more time Making Creativity Happen and less time sending emails.


Art-Ed Timelines


The Nitty Gritty Details Explained


Proposal Timeline

Live Projects

We’ve doubled checked all information with the client to ensure their brief is detailed and accurate. You can now pitch work to the client who checks back regularly to peruse new options.

1 week to 3 months later ... we reach out to artists

Initial Artist Outreach

The client is finally ready to get pricing and present art options to their client. We start reaching out to favorited and shortlisted artists to begin pricing discussions. This phase can easily last a few weeks.

2 weeks to 3 months later ... we communicate artist selection

Final Artist Approval

The client has finalized their art package and all parties, you included, have settled on budget and payment logistics. We’ve been in constant contact with you throughout the budget approval process and inform you ASAP if and you’ve been approved.

3 weeks to 4 months later ... we send contracts

Contract Sendoff

We’ve received the deposit from the client, which can take up to 3 months, and are ready to start production. Post contract signing we begin collecting files for print orders and start sending deposits for installations or custom commissions.  

1 month to 1 year later ... all artwork has been produced


Framed pieces are finished and shipped, installation details have been finalized, and we’re awaiting construction completion before installing the artwork. Opening day is around the corner… pending no unforeseen issues.


Complete Timeline by Property Type


Hospitality projects tend to have the longest lead times. They rely on a construction schedule, which often changes, and involve teams of owners, designers, advisors, and brand representatives who must agree on all details before a project is finalized.

Average Timeline: 6 months - 1+ year



Restaurant projects sometimes go hand in hand with hospitality projects, but they can also stand on their own. These smaller spaces lend themselves well to a few feature pieces or one large installation. While the art approval phase tends to move faster, construction delays can still contribute to prolonged install dates.

Average Timeline: 4 - 8 months


Apartment/Residential Building

Residential buildings are smaller in scope and have fewer parties involved. The property owner or interior designer begins an art search, usually to upgrade a lobby or entryway, when construction is almost finished.

Average Timeline: 2 - 6 months


Office/Corporate Interior

Corporate interiors can range in scope and size. Some offices need only one or two feature pieces, while others are looking for a fully developed, installation heavy art package. We receive these projects further along in the design/renovation process so they tend to move faster as construction delays pose a minimal threat.

Average Timeline: 4 - 8 months


Private Client

One-off consumer sales and private, residential projects have accelerated timelines as they are predicated on personal taste and do not usually involve art package development. With a small group of people in charge of finding a few key pieces these projects move fast.

Average Timeline: 2 - 3 months


A good rule to keep in mind is that the bigger the project, the longer the timeline. Please remember that each project is unique and some may have expedited timelines while others may have lengthy timelines.


Cover Image: AMNH Stairs by Indiewalls artist Malcolm Brown.

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