Cori Sue Morris  23 May, 2018   Stories, hospitality design, linkroundup, Art x Culture, design with art, tech, culture

Here are the interesting articles, up-and-coming artists, and bookmarked tabs we're loving as of late. 


Artists these Days
  • This Cape Town artist creates intimate portraits of her family and loved ones—with multicolored string embroidery.
  • A Salt Lake City based pointillism artist creates nature-inspired art with millions of tiny dots. 
  • Kinda creepy—this Surrealist artist distorts human forms through her large-form collages—and people love it.


Good Reads
  • All you need is L-O-V-E. Pop artist Robert Indiana, creator of the famous LOVE sculpture, has passed away. The New York Times looks at his legacy.


Improve Thyself
  • Self care is in style—a step-by-step guide on how to be kind to yourself, by a licensed psychologist.


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