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Time for Link Roundup March! See what we're loving and coveting this month. Books, architecture, and art seem to be catching us the most. Don't forget to let us know your favorites in the comments. Or share articles we missed.

Art Trends
  • What do drones, spray painting, and construction have in common? Well they can come together to transform construction sites. Read more about this trend here.
  • Attention, attention New York artists there's a kick ass Open Call opportunity for The Shed! The Shed will be one of NYC's newest cultural outposts. Don't miss out!

  • AI will be the art movement of the 21st Century. Hard sell for you? Listen to Rama Allen's argument and you might be swayed: "The defining art-making technology of our era will be AI. But this won’t be the kind of artificial intelligence of our past imagination—it’ll be the augmented intelligence of the present."


  • Artist Artie Vierkants use of Augmented Reality engages viewers in a step forward for progressive technology in the arts. 

Lols, Tears, and Feels Below
  • Feels and thoughts ahead ... The New York Times is doing back obituaries for famous and inspiring women who didn't receive their due during their times. Ida B. Wells, Diane Arbus, and others.
  • Posters on fleek! Protests are making a come back in America as people have become active in communicating what they want, when they want, and why they want it. Join the fight with one of these pull out protest posters. #MarchForOurLives
Misc Good Reads 📚 (literally)
  • Calling all readers! This list pulls together females who are changing how fiction is read and wrote. Time to plan that jaunt to a bookstore.
  • Just found this amazing site Girls at Library, which discusses women we know and love who read often. It's fun and informational. 
  • He's about to have an object in New York that will rival the Statue of Liberty. Learn more about Thomas Heatherwick, mastermind behind some of today's most unique architectural structures, over on the New Yorker.  


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