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Located where SoHo and TriBeCa converge with Battery Park and South Street Seaport, the new Courtyard Marriott Downtown New York Hotel is at the heart of New York City’s bustling financial district. Combining modern luxury with high powered business flaire, this hotel draws from the rapidly changing urban landscape of the city as inspiration. Discover the artists who made this collection a reality.



Lollie Ortiz, Moon Galaxy Abstraction Series



Bold blues, greens, and yellows mingle together, creating abstract images rooted in the natural quality of their organic subjects. Lollie Ortiz, a San Francisco based designer produced a series of photo prints entitled Moon Galaxy Abstract, located in the lobby’s entrance. Combining her experience in graphics, design, photography, and fine art, Ortiz plays with her own personal forms of artistic expression in relation to contemporary art and wall decor. The muted colors and sense of movement visible in this series creates a serene contrast to the buzz located just steps from the lobby’s entrance.



Lollie Ortiz, Sea Breeze




Carl Yoshihara, Cascade (Deconstructed) and Cascade (Line Series)



Carl Yoshihara (born in Hiroshima, Japan) is a multi-media artists based in San Jose California. Not to be contained by one style or media, Yoshihara visualizes life as art and art as life. His role as an artist is to explore, discover, and connect it all together. These intersections are visible in the large vinyl wall works he executed for the Marriott’s corridors. Shades of blue and green lines intersect with one another, forming a web of intermingled digital imagery.



Rica Belna, Grasses



Rica Belna, a digital photographer based in San Francisco focuses on large format creative wall design that have a space-extending effect. Her work brings a tranquilizing and revitalizing atmosphere to the hotel’s business center and bedrooms. Her print, Grasses, extends the viewer beyond the confines of a city hotel room, inviting you to unwind and revitalize.



Michael Banks, Ink



And finally, Michael Banks, a British Photo-Artists, who is at the forefront of today’s modern art scene. Banks has worked extensively with designers and architects across the globe to bring out the hidden beauty that surrounds a space. His work “Ink” can be seen in the Marriott’s King rooms.

The next time you are are seeking a space to escape the buzzing energy that emanates from Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, be sure to book a stay at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown New York.



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