Mai Gan  23 Feb, 2015   Designer, Architectural Digest, Art, Art Basel, Art Fair, Basel, Design, Events, Installation, Relax, AD Oasis, Hotel, James Royal Palms, Miami, Miami Beach, Thom Filicia, Art x Culture, culture
This year's Art Basel in Miami Beach was more lively than ever with over 73,000 visitors, artists, collectors, galleries, art enthusiasts and endless parties!
As the art partner for Architectural Digest's AD Oasis, we curated a collection of photographs by artist Jim Nickelson, which inspired a sense of relaxation and ease (much needed after a night of dancing to Swizz Beatz and playing foosball with Owen Wilson).
We also collaborated with artist Michael Serafino - truly the life of the party. He created a 5X10 foot art installation in just 3 days! The transformation and unveiling of the finished piece were the highlights of the event as everyone gathered around to watch. The painting is now hanging at the James Royal Palm Hotel in Miami Beach!
basel collage.001
The Indiewalls logo made for a great frame to pose with!
Untitled 2.003
Untitled 2.002
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