Want a Free Mural?!


To further promote creativity and innovation, we want to bring fresh, artistic dialogue into (or outside) of your spaces with our Pinterest Contest Murallist Makeover.  Read on to learn what we’re giving away, how to participate, and how to win!


How to Participate

  1. Follow Indiewalls on Pinterest
  2. Create a project specific board that visualizes your space
  3. Include a Murallist artist on your board and comment with the hashtag #MurallistMakeover (two LL’s!)
  4. Submit your information on the Murallist Makeover Landing Page
  5. Watch for winner announcements the week of Nov 13th



🏅 1st Place: Receive $5000 to put towards a custom mural from a Murallist artist

1st Place will be awarded to the most creative entry i both design concept and contest execution.

🥈 2nd Place: Limited Edition work by your Murallist artist of choice

2nd Place will go to the second most creative entry


Enter to Win


Custom murals energize office spaces, delight pedestrians, and intrigue hotel guests. They tell stories, bring people together, and elevate a space. For these reasons (and many more) hand painted walls are popping up all over cities both inside and outside.


Whether you’re looking for a traditional graffiti vibe or an elevated architectural aesthetic there’s a local artist who can expand upon your vision. Now …. Time to get pinning! Need inspiration? Here’s an example of an entry board we made:


And make sure to check out the Murallist Makeover board to understand the range of aesthetics available.


Happy creating! We look forward to seeing what you guys have up your sleeves. We’ll also be sharing some of our favorite entries (pending permission).


Enter to Win


Peruse past projects – both with and without murals in the gallery.


Full Terms & Conditions are listed on the Entry Page.