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Indiewalls and Renaissance Hotels  have teamed up to create a special collection inspired by The Art of Discovery. Eight international artists were hand selected to commission a piece that looks at the “art of discovery” through the lens of exploration, adventure and the innate creativity of the human spirit. Each of the 159 Renaissance Hotels around the world has selected the artwork that best personifies its unique character, personality and history.



At Renaissance Hotels Around the World

It's with great joy and excitement that we share this collection with you! You can also read about this project in The New York Times.



"This new age of technology has made the world small and easy to explore, full of places to discover and live. I chose a cartoon/icons style to give a feeling of easiness. Surprise!”

Art of Discovery #renhotels



“Much of the inspiration for this are the Higgs boson experiments and the circular nature of discovery: building one of the largest machines in the world in order to find the smallest particle; the discovery of this tiny particle then leading to the greater understanding of all matter and life in this vast universe. In many ways, we humans are like these particles, cycling around at lightning fast speed across the world (our version of the large hadron collider) and when we happen to collide, sparks fly, we change, wonders are discovered and new understanding of life is gained. The more distance we travel, the more adventures we have, and the more we learn about ourselves introspectively.



“This work epitomizes the adventurous business traveler as his creative spirit pours forth. We can all imagine the potential for self- discovery that can occur when we experience new places, cultures, and people, and especially when we share those experiences with others.”


“I want to show that the Renaissance Hotel guests are open-minded and curious about all the joys in life, with some particularly important ones such as discovery, travel, food, shopping, and music. The figures and elements in this artwork are all moving in one direction - towards the future. That is, they are forward-thinkers. The town on the head represents the potential to visit all the cities in the world, the goal of the perpetual voyager.”


“I combined the images of the national palace museums in East Asian countries and contemporary art museums in New York City, such as the New Museum, Guggenheim and Whitney, to create a unique cultural and architectural hybrid. Museums are a place we go to when we expect to have pleasant discoveries and transcendental experiences. They are also symbols of our society and its high cultures. In this picture, the businessman riding on Pegasus is flying up to these castles (i.e. museums) in the sky while dreaming of new adventures, enjoyment, and success.”


"‘The Art of Discovery’ is a notion that cuts to the core of my artistic practice and my continuing journey into the universe of mark-making. When I begin a new piece, an adventure begins, a new set of puzzles are created and solved, and relationships and dynamics are established between the components as they take shape. In these marks, an image begins to appear in my mind's eye, and I begin to work towards carving a world into existence. I don't know exactly where the journey is headed when I set out, but the path I discover along the way is a fascinating one, and the art that comes about as a document of the adventure is an open book for others to discover in their own unique way.”


“This piece was made and inspired by the recent achievements made by people that have propelled humanity towards moons and the far reaches of space. As explorers and travelers, discovery is an essential part of the human story. With worlds yet to see and knowledge yet to attain, becoming explorers of the universe is today's great adventure. I believe it will be a beautifully surreal one.”


“Golden Maze is a multidisciplinary art that combines architecture and typography. It wants to inspire the audience to explore and celebrate the beauty of risk taking. It is my belief that every step into the maze will take the explorer closer to a hidden treasure.”
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