Evolution of an Indiewalls Artist: Sana Jamlaney

Dubai-based painter and Indiewalls artist Sana Jamlaney doesn’t keep many things secret — at least, not when it comes to her ..

ART x DESIGN // 15 Interior Design Fails

As is true with any art form, we grow as interior designers by finding inspiration in the work of others—from our peers to ou..

Curated Concept: Alluring Abstractions

Abstract art relies on elements of color, shape, form and texture rather than direct references in the visual world. Whether ..

ART x TECH // Streamlining Discovery

Over at Indiewalls, one of our favorite pastimes is discovering great art. Whether happening upon new artists or visiting fav..

Curated Concept: Mixed Media Collage

Collage as an art form dates back to the early 20th century. Referring specifically to an assemblage of different materials, ..

Art-Ed: How to Sell Artwork Locally

The internet has opened up so many different avenues to sell your art and is now an essential tool for getting discovered, ge..

ART x INDIEWALLS // Collection Notes: Urban Movement at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown

The Renaissance Chicago Downtown is a luxury hotel building that boasts refined modern design and scenic vistas of the city’s..

ART x INDIEWALLS // Collection Notes: Metropolitan Vignettes at the Marriott St. Louis

The Marriott St. Louis Grand blends sophistication, style and comfort for the modern business traveler and adventurous touris..

ART x INDIEWALLS // Collection Notes: Historical Iconography at Hotel Indigo El Paso

Mid-century architecture mingles with contemporary aesthetics in this boutique design hotel located in the historical metropo..

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