ART x COMMUNITY // Studio Series: Nate Nettleton

Nate Nettleton is a sculptor and mixed media artist who wants people to slow down and remember the simple pleasures in life. ..

Studio Series: Elisabeth Fredriksson

Swedish artist Elisabeth Fredriksson is both a painter and graphic designer. She possesses an intuitive understanding of colo..

Studio Series: Cheryl Sorg

 Artist, mom, city girl living in a small beach town in Southern California, book lover, and wife of a French scientist/super..

Studio Series: Anna Kasabian

Anna Kasabian is a true Renaissance woman—a writer, ceramicist, designer, book narrator, cookbook author, photographer, desig..

The 10 Best Design Boutiques in New York

Need That Finishing Touch? Visit The 10 Best Design Boutiques in New  York. It’s those finishing touches that give any space ..

(Need To) Know Sculpture in the Community and Beyond

Certain artists are household names… Pablo Picasso, Richard Serra, Salvador Dali, and Alexander Calder are just a few of the ..

Studio Series: Michael Dickey

We recently caught up with New York based artist Michael Dickey in his Bushwick studio. Sunlight glinted off matte ceramics a..

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