Designer Series: Kavitha Iyer


Bethesda, MD based Kavitha Iyer is the Senior Design Manager at Marriott International. She excels in creating memorable guest experiences through great design and is a firm believer in good design cultivating good business. Here she answers a few of our questions on her personal style, her favorite design trends, and what inspires her.



Rapid Fire Questions

  1. Beer, wine, or margarita? – Wine
  2. Instagram or Snapchat? – Instagram
  3. Podcast or Music? – Podcast



Industry Questions

  1. What inspires you? – Traveling
  2. When does art enter the design phase for you? – It’s the start, finish, and end
  3. What design trends interest you right now? – Transformative elements
  4. What design trends do you see making a comeback? – Color



Personal Questions

  1. Describe your personal style in a few words. – Everyday chic with a touch of, what?
  2. What book do you recommend the most to people? – Shel Silverstein’s book of poems, Where the Sidewalk Ends.
  3. Outside of your work, are there any other creative pursuits that interest you? – Painting.



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