Studio Series: Michael Dickey

We recently caught up with New York based artist Michael Dickey in his Bushwick studio. Sunlight glinted off matte ceramics and glossy canvases, as we discussed the hidden depth behind his muted color palette.

Dickey’s two-dimensional, textural works use glossy materials, such as resin and gold leaf, to create layers against minimal backgrounds. These opposing components overlap to create sharp edges and hard lines, but the use of subdued colors instill his work with a harmonious air.

Similar to his canvases, Dickey’s ceramics also rely on textural surface patterns and subdued colors. He translates his aesthetic onto three-dimensional objects by subtly carving hard-edged geometrics into the clay’s surface.

Even though the very idea of ‘sharp’ feels threatening, Dickey manages to create works that intrigue. Depth, perspective, texture, and color seemingly evoke the gritty landscape of urban life and ever-evolving cityscape.

Dickey has completed a few Indiewalls projects and we look forward to following his evolving practice. Next up on his to do list an in-studio kiln!

(All images courtesy of Kseniya Baranova)